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Agents, Mutual Friends, Partners why not Collaborate Together join the Valentine Property Team

Agent / Professional Partner CollaborationLets Talk Houses for Sale, you have experience we have experience together we can achieve a great deal ! Agents with mutual interests and skills we can sell lots of houses together.  Professional Property Agents/Brokers, Partners from different countries lets collaborate.

From experience you learn that to do everything alone is not only naïve, but when we hit a crisis it is mutually beneficial to everyone to have reliable, trusted, and professional collaborators. I am passionate about selling property and strive always to do it in the most professional way that I can.  Nothing can create a better synergy than like-minded people, agents working to together with the same mutual aim to provide a good honest, reliable service to our clients.

Providing excellent service, maintaining relationships and our reputation through good decisions and making the right moves  helps us stay ahead in the property buying, selling market.
Agents Mutual Buy Sell Houses Property in Spain
With this in mind I would like to meet, collaborate with, active property agents from different countries.  Those looking for good product, well priced in good locations with the best possible financial returns. I can provide a good portfolio of product, all with documentation, P.O.A. (Power of Attorney) wherever possible from the owners for ease of exchange of contracts and completion.  I do not want to make partnerships with lots of Agents, small, friendly and trustworthy is what I want working together with out mutual interests.   I know I can add value to your service and make it financially viable. 

We have designed our new Valentine Property Sales web site with YOU our professional partners in mind. As an agent I will send you a personal password, which will give you access to our Agent Only information.  This is an EXCLUSIVE area which can ONLY be viewed by our partners. Here I can give you up-to-date information about properties, the area, relevant news, up-dates on any sales etc.....  Most importantly by simply clicking open the property info as normal you can see, the Owners Price, Commissions, Meeting places, any price negotiation, Documents, and other relevant information about each property. Mostly we have have keys to properties therefore allowing you flexible viewing times and easy access for viewings.

One of the most important services we can offer you as a Collaborator, is our promise, that if you CAN'T SEE WHAT YOU WANT, Call us and will try to find it for you!

We are aware that you have a choice which agents to work with, so we very much appreciate any mutual business we can do together, now or in the future. I hope you have had a successful year so far and look forward to keeping and building our good relationships.

Call, text or skype me now if you would like to know more.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Cathy Gallagher

Tel: (0034) 634 190 152(0034) 634 190 152(0034) 634 190 15

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