Weak Pound £ against € Post BREXIT vote

Best Exchange Rate Pound against Euro

BREXIT - Worried about the weaker Pound £ against the Euro post BREXIT vote ?  Think you can't afford to buy in Spain any longer .. Why not turn this into a positive, don't lose your dream of buying 'Your Home in the Sun' Spanish Banks are lending up to 70%.  Borrow in Euros pay in Euros take away the unknown. (26/08/16)

NEED A MORTGAGE ? We have Great News ! Spanish Banks are Lending ! Mortgages in Spain

BREXIT EURO POUNDHas the weaker Pound £ post Brexit vote got you thinking you can't afford to buy and your dream property is getting further away ?   Well this could solve your problem and make the dream a reality sooner that you thought.  Spanish banks are actively encouraging us to borrow and looking for new customers  !  So the banks timing to offer more loans couldn't be better for us Brits, borrow in Euro's pay the mortgage in Euro's.

Even if you do have the cash you might not want to commit all of it to the current volatile exchange rates, so borrowing here in Spain to fund your purchase could be the answer ?  This takes away the unknown by borrowing euros now and when the pound does improve many of the banks allow you to pay off lump sums from your loan without penalties.  There couldn't be a better time or option to fund your dream now.

Contact Us to arrange for our professional Mortgage Broker to give you a FREE NO Need a mortgage in SpainSTRINGS ATTACHED personal quote.

With this information prior to your viewing trip you can have funding in place and approved, this helps you to plan and establish an affordable budget to give you peace of mind, all you then have to do is choose your dream home.

And.... More good news !
Banks are lending a huge 70% so you don't need to commit too much of your funds to the unknown variable exchange rates. *

Buy in Spain


Pound Euro exchange rate post brexitPound exchange rate agaist euro brexit

Fixed your mortgage rate now fix your Exchange Rate, you could save £1,000's  .....

Exchange Rate euro pound

* You will still need cash for 30% including your deposit plus approx 15% for taxes, costs and bank fees etc...
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