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VIEWINGS WHEN A PROPERTY IS LIVED-IN - VIEWINGS WHEN A PROPERTY IN UN-OCCUPIED - We have a FREE KEYHOLDING service and will carry out regular checks your property in between viewings.


We will give you as much notice as we can but on some occasions because many of our Agent/Partners work on such a tight schedule notice could be as short as 20 minutes.  A few tips before we arrive - Remember we will be with potential buyers!!

A quick tidy round, don't cook strong smelling food before we come, open the windows and blinds, pull back the curtains, turn on lights, ceiling, bed-side lamps, bathroom, mirror lights, open grilles to terraces etc Also check the pathways are clear so we can move smoothly between the rooms.  It is important that the rooms look as big and un-cluttered as possible.

A house that sparkles a welcome to buyers when they arrive with clean windows, bathrooms, floors and surfaces especially in the kitchen, inviting them in is a good positive start.  TIP: Keep nice fresh towels hung up or folded to one side just for the viewings.. obvious maybe but it works!

When we arrive it is better if you can greet us and then maybe sit outside (weather permitting of course), some of our sellers actually go for a walk around the block while we view, especially if they still have an emotional attachment to the property.  

We understand that you may know more about your property and the area than anyone else but NEVER get into a dicussion with our clients abouts prices or anything about your house.  Something you may say in all innocence may be just the thing they didn't want to hear and LOSE YOU the deal.

example / You say positively... "The council were really good this year they cleared all of the Rambla after the floods" The Buyer hears in their head "It Floods here !!" - WE ARE THE PROFESSIONALS HERE TO SELL YOUR HOUSE.  TRUST US!

KEY HOLDING - We have a FREE KEYHOLDING service and will carry out regular checks your property in between viewings.  

We always prefer to hold keys to properties that are not lived in.  We often have viewings at very short notice and as a key-holder we can view immediately.  It is not practical and always inconvient to call your personal friends or your key holders, however accomodating they are, to open up your house and prepare it for a viewing.  They will not appreciate being called in the supermarket, off the beach or away from their dinner at short notice, late evenings and early Sunday mornings do not go down very well!  

THIS WILL COST YOU THE SALE!  As a key holder we can open your property at any time that suits a potential buyer, we will open the blinds, put out the garden furniture, put on the lights in fact make certain that everything is in it's place and your property is prepared for viewing and shown at it's best.  This WILL get you the deal!  

WE ARE THE PROFESSIONALS HERE TO SELL YOUR HOUSE.  TRUST US! and Remember "You never get a second chance to make a first impression"


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