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Spanish Property Valuations

Spanish Property ValuationsProperty Valuations at the best of times are speculative. No matter what value we or any other Estate Agent puts on your home, ultimately your home is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it!  Which is why it is important that we match the buyers to the properties that we market.

Other factors when placing value on your property will be the amount you initially paid for it, any outstanding mortgage to repay, speed at which you want to sell, exchange rates etc. The price we agree together will reflect all of the above and take into consideration extra features that a buyer feels are important to them and will add value i.e. Orientation, location, furnished etc.

We will try our best to achieve the price you want and we will present to you any reasonable offer that is made, in the end you will make the final decision to accept or reject an offer. You pay No Fees/No Commission to us.  The price you agree is the price you get

Tip:  Setting the price you want - set 2 amounts
  • The ideal price you would like to achieve
  • The lowest price you are willing to accept

10 Step 'Sellers Guide' How to Plan and Prepare You and Your Home for a Quick Hassle-free Sale!

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